Viz Eclipse 2.0

The latest version of Vizrt’s advertisement board replacement solution is able to replace animated board content.

Viz Eclipse is the pioneering product that allows sports rights holders and broadcasters to virtually replace field-side advertising boards. Vizrt, the world leader in live sports production tools, and Infront Sports & Media, the leading international sports marketing company, have released the latest addition of the virtual overlay solution, Viz Eclipse 2.0. Vizrt will show a glimpse of it at their IBC 2018 booth (7.B01) in Amsterdam, September 14-18, 2018.

Virtual Advertising over animated board content  

Viz Eclipse 2.0 increases the system’s capability to replace animated advertising board content. Virtually replacing animated boards allows Viz Eclipse to be used during any live soccer production. Even with support for animated board content, Viz Eclipse will remain a completely image-based system that is non-intrusive with minimal impact on the existing production environment.

Automatic image cut detection

The advanced Viz Eclipse technology can be remotely operated from any production hub – without being on-site at the venue. The new image cut detection capability guarantees a seamless live production by handling the transition between different camera feeds with unmatched precision. The system supports any kind of transitions including soft cuts, hard cuts and wipes with frame-accurate graphics replacement. The camera cut detection only relies on video feeds from the venue and does not require GPI signals, significantly reducing overhead.

About Viz Eclipse

Viz Eclipse virtually replaces field-side advertising boards allowing rights holders to unlock further revenue and create unlimited feeds to regionally tailor marketing messages on a global basis. Field-side advertising boards are replaced with realistic virtual signage in real-time and throughout live gameplay. The non-intrusive system does not need any alterations to the boards themselves and requires minimal overhead to TV production workflows due to its image-based camera tracking and keying.

Infront is distributing Viz Eclipse as part of its sports services portfolio, enabling rights holders to regionally tailor and streamline their marketing and commercialisation of sports events on a global basis.