Cost-effective private cloud storage for all media assets integrated into Viz One

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Vizrt, the leading provider of media asset management (MAM) tools for the digital media industry, and SwiftStack, the leader in a new breed of Enterprise-grade object storage, announce a new private cloud storage solution for Viz One that will enable a higher usage of media assets. The integrated solution will be on display at the IBC 2016 event in Amsterdam on Vizrt stand 7.A20

“Storage plays a key role in any media asset management system, it directly impacts the performance, reliability, and ultimately the cost of these systems,” said Ximena Araneda, EVP Media Workflows and Playout at Vizrt. “Object storage from SwiftStack provides both enterprise functionality and affordability that is easy to use, making it relevant for our customers. SwiftStack object storage can also play an even greater role in Viz One, as it allows us to store metadata in the objects as well as stream proxies directly from the storage system.”

Native Viz One integration

Viz One integrates with the Swift API, enabling media storage, restores (full or partial), deletions, and the display of inflight requests. Viz One asset metadata is stored with the objects in SwiftStack, providing a self-describing content store. SwiftStack also enables proxies to be stored and streamed directly, eliminating the need to buy additional proxy storage and servers.

“It’s exciting to be working with such a forward-thinking leader in media,” said Anders Tjernlund, chief operating officer, SwiftStack. “By integrating scalable object storage into Viz One, it enables customers to have all of their media active, allowing them to fully utilize their valuable assets. With SwiftStack’s ability to start small and scale to many petabytes, it’s easy to integrate into existing Viz One workflows so the advantages of private cloud storage can be realized.”

Significant storage and management cost reductions

By virtually eliminating the costs associated with administering and managing traditional tape and block storage systems, SwiftStack private cloud storage can be scaled as media managed by Viz One grows.

The SwiftStack storage solution for Viz One is provided by Vizrt on pre-configured servers with standard and high-density server options. As media assets grow, additional SwiftStack storage servers can easily be added to provide more storage capacity. SwiftStack storage servers can also be spread over multiple data centers with a single namespace, which means built-in disaster recovery and more flexibility for media managed by Viz One.