The Show must go on!

How IP-based software defined visual storytelling solutions can mitigate some of the impacts of remote production

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At times of crisis it can often be observed that humans respond with great innovations. Conflicts have given rise to advancements in the fields of medicine, flight, communications and computing, to name but a few.

This phenomenon is currently being played out again today, this time in the world of live video production and particularly in the broadcast space. 

Broadcasters and media owners are seeking to continue to keep their audiences updated so that they may make informed decisions about how best to safeguard themselves and their loved ones.  If your crew can not get to the studio, or your presenter needs to cover for the director, how do you get the story out today. How do you get it out tomorrow?  

Remote video production is one solution that has seen dramatic developments in recent months.  REMI (REMote Integration), as used in live sports productions has matured rapidly, thanks to advances in telecommunications and infrastructure. IP-based video protocols like SMPTE 2110 and Vizrt Group’s NDI® have provided further flexibility and options for broadcasters. Vizrt Group has worked with broadcasters using both standards, like CNN at their Hudson Yards SMPTE 2110 project and TV2 in Norway, who are enjoying the flexibility that NDI® can deliver.

“NDI® has given us the opportunity to explore and utilize new, cost-effective production methods. We are optimistic for the future of NDI® and expect that continuous development of the protocol will allow us to utilize NDI in even more productions going forward”

Birger Henriksen
Solutions Architect for TV2 in Norway

These developments, when combined with software defined live video production solutions like Viz Mosart, a studio automation tool, designed to deliver faster, more error free, show creation in a manner that reduces resource requirements, make the virtualization of control rooms a reality.  It is entirely possible for the modern control suite to be a remote and mobile asset that can be securely accessed at will.  Here is a recent webinar that looks at how Viz Mosart can be deployed to drive automation and virtualization.

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Getting the story out, often in the face of adverse conditions, has led us to think about how content creators can become more effective. Viz Story is a powerful, but swiftly mastered, digital production system that provides journalists with the tools they need to craft and publish their stories in the field.  It allows them to produce broadcast quality content from within their browser from remote locations.

viz story tv2

Back in the control room, our software based ‘super’ switcher, Viz Vectar is IP native (either SMPTE 2110 or NDI) to harness the opportunities that networks, software and computers can provide to storytellers. Viz Verdi blends studio automation with software defined switching to provide further control room flexibility and resilience, and it is designed with NDI® and SDI inputs and outputs to allow you to bridge between legacy equipment and your IP-based future, today.
If the show must go on, Vizrt’s IP-based, software defined visual storytelling tools are a powerful part of the solution.  Our product specialists are ready to answer any questions you may have on these topics.  We have created a virtual, online demo and meeting suite so that we can help you explore the best solution for your needs from the convenience of a screen near you.  

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