Engaging audiences and monetizing valuable sports content

In the highly competitive sports industry, teams and leagues are in constant search of ways to differentiate themselves from their peers, looking for innovative solutions to engage their audience, and monetizing their valuable content.


Innovative data-driven storytelling and virtual advertising tech

Publishing stories to any platform

Viz Story allows sports organizations to quickly create compelling video stories with amazing branded 3D graphics, and immediately distribute them online and on social media outlets. Viz Story is the perfect tool for creating engaging stories from the sidelines or at the practice facility. An easy to use web interface allows users to edit a story once, then automatically adjust video and graphics to suit different aspect ratios for Instagram, Twitter and other online platforms.

Enhancing the game

Vizrt’s stunning graphics enhance live sports, shows and documentaries across all outputs from mobile devices to gigantic arena displays. Leagues and teams enhance their sports content with Vizrt’s analysis, telestration and data display tools. For both live games and replays, the Viz Arena virtual enhancements tool and the Viz Libero sports analysis tool give even casual fans an expert view of the game. Sports fans already experience Viz Arena every game with virtual offside lines for soccer (football) and the down and distance line for American Football. Leading sporting organizations benefit from Vizrt’s cutting edge virtual and augmented reality technologies to immerse their audience, pushing storytelling boundaries even further.

Monetizing sports content

Vizrt’s virtual advertising capabilities allow teams and leagues to strengthen their association with marketing partners. Advanced image-based technology virtually displays branded logos on the field, pitch, ice, and the hardwood of the world’s most iconic venues. The ground-breaking technology used in the Viz Eclipse advertising board replacement system enables rights holders to regionally tailor and streamline the marketing and commercialisation of sports events globally.

Storing and archiving

More than ever, teams and leagues look for ways to efficiently store and share content within and outside of their organizations. Viz One is Vizrt’s Media Asset Management (MAM) solution that allows multiple departments to store, access, distribute and monitor decades worth of archives and content.


Vizrt’s Viz Mosart studio automation enables complex studio productions to be executed flawlessly with the same or, usually, fewer staff. Once the show goes live into production, Viz Mosart and the Viz One MAM system collaborate to automatically create individual clips from the live show that can be automatically published out to the website or onto social media platforms.

With Vizrt’s tools you can have the whole production workflow on one platform. This enables a smooth broadcast process that is easy-to-use for everyone involved, giving you confidence to explore more options of entertaining your audience.

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